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ULTRX Bionic Fuse Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Charging Case, Dark Gray
ULTRX Bionic Fuse Bluetooth Around the Neck Earbuds, Black
ULTRX Bionic Fuse Bluetooth Electronic Earmuff, Midnight Gray
ULTRX Bionic Bluetooth Passive Earmuff, Brave Orange
ULTRX Bionic  Electronic Earmuff, Veil Tac Gray Camo
ULTRX Shield Ear & Eye Protection Combo, Plum
ULTRX Shift Adjustable Protection Ear Plugs, Gray/Yellow
ULTRX Shield Passive Earmuff, FDE

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Welcome to ULTRX™

At ULTRX™, we believe in the power of protection and the importance of preserving your most valuable senses. Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, ULTRX™ has emerged as a leading brand dedicated to providing premium Eye and Hearing Protection that goes beyond ordinary standards.

Founded with a passion for safety and a commitment to innovation, ULTRX™ has been at the forefront of designing and delivering cutting-edge solutions to safeguard your eyes and ears in various environments. Whether you are an avid shooter, a seasoned industrial professional, or someone who simply values their well-being, ULTRX™ is here to elevate your protection game.

Covering the broad spectrum of tonal protection, ranging from dynamic studio sound management and auditory wave performance to active-adjustment micro scale silicone inserts, ULTRX™ Ear and Eye Safety Protection products fuse together the most advanced technology schematics with modern design elements delivering sound management for On Range, On Jobsite and On Premise. Enjoy your experience at the intersection of sound and wave protection fusion. Your satisfaction is at the core of everything we do - we consider our customers as part of our extended family, and your safety is our top priority.

Thank you for choosing ULTRX™

Modern Fusion of Sound and Wave Protection